Just-in-time accredited courseware

Your courseware, your way

IBEX Ed offers a large portfolio of industry leading, best practice-based training materials. We deliver a flexible range of book formats that allow ATOs to scale up quickly and easily to meet customer and market demands. All the courses are structured in the same way, which means your trainers will quickly acclimate to delivering our courses and need only worry about the subject matter.

Brand your identity

All IBEX Ed training materials are white labelled, so you can apply your corporate branding and have your students get the impression it’s your own, in-house developed material. If you have an onward client, you can easily have the books covered with their branding, adding that special touch.  Our branding service is quick, simple effective and very inexpensive.

Mobilize quickly with admin support

IBEX Ed has developed EI friendly, standardized templates and resources that can be reused and rebranded quickly.  This admin support can help your business ramp-up delivery in reduced timescales, leaving you and your team free to prepare and market your new course portfolio.  Materials go through rigorous quality checks; our standards are well known by the major EIs.

Branded as your own

High quality design

Designed for trainers

Standardized content