Administrator Guide

Understanding the nuts and bolts

User Management

Adding a new customer

The customer role is used for partners that are using the web store to order their courseware.

The user journey starts with adding a prospective customer. A prospective customer is defined as a person who is interested in IBEX Ed services and has signed an NDA but not an MSA.

A prospective customer can see the course catalog and the prices but can not add anything to the cart.

To add a prospective customer:

  1. Navigate to the admin dashboard/users/add new
  2. User the customer’s email address as their username
  3. Complete every field shown
  4. Choose the customer role
  5. Click add ‘New User’

The user’s account will now be set up and an email will be sent to them. If they have not received the email, ask them to check their spam or junk mail for it.

If the customer still has not received it. Simply go into their account, click show password, copy it, and send it to them with their username.

Adding memberships to a customer

Memberships give the customers different access dependent on their group.

There are four different states membership access can be, each should be aligned to the type of partner they currently are:

  • No membership – this is for prospective customers that have not signed an MSA. This gives them no access to purchase, but they can see the prices
  • Affiliate – A reseller can view and purchase all materials
  • Reseller – A reseller can view and purchase all materials and exams
  • Partner – A partner can view and purchase all materials but not exams

Process of assigning memberships

  1. Navigate to woo-commerce / memberships
  2. Click add member
    1. If the user is a prospect, select ‘Add an Existing Member’, search for the member and click ‘Add Member’
    2. If they are not yet in the system select ‘Create a New User’ to add as a member and complete the form and click add member
  3. Choose the respective plan they require
  4. Click ‘Save’

If you need to remove the membership access simply delete the membership within the member details tab.

If you are changing a customer from one type of membership to another, ensure that you remove the old membership first, then add the new one. Giving multiple memberships may cause a conflict.

Adding a new student (Subscriber)


Adding a group leader


Removing access to a student



Products and Web-books

Adding a new web-book


Adding new products


Creating and assigning a web-book group


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