Partnership Options, Kept Simple

To help our customers succeed, we have developed three key options that customers may use to build a simple, effective and successful partnership model that suits their own unique requirements.

Education reseller relationships are aimed at organizations that want to deliver high quality training as an offering, but do not need a direct relationship with an Examining institute or the costs and overheads that are associated with the relationship. As a IBEX Ed education reseller, the partners will only be-able to sell official IBEX Ed courses that are run by an approved IBEX Ed sponsored trainer, using IBEX Ed materials and having the exams administered through a IBEX Ed administration. Resellers will have to market all associated courses as provided in association with IBEX Ed and can use the training powered by IBEX Ed logo and Accredited IBEX Ed reseller logo. Resellers will not be allowed to use the exam institutes, scheme providers or official course logos under this scheme relationship.

Education affiliate relationships are aimed at organizations that want to be able to market their courses as their own accredited organization and use the accredited affiliate designation within their marketing. An education affiliate will have a direct relationship with an EI and can book their own exams via their respective EI, however all exam billing, sponsorship of trainers and management of the EI will come under IBEX Ed as the primary ATO. The Education Affiliate relationship gives the partner greater control over how they can market their courses. However, this comes with associated EI and scheme owner fees. Education affiliates will have the full access to all fully branded courseware that they are authorized to use from IBEX Ed.

Education partner relationships are aimed at established training organizations that want to have full control over their training environment and leverage lower direct billing exam prices for their training courses. As an education partner a direct relationship will be set up with the respective examination Institute and IBEX Ed will certify the partner to use our accredited course materials. The ATO partner will have full control over their own trainers, proctors and administrators and will work from their own internal QMS. With a direct relationship to the EI, the ATO partner can use the ATO logos and not have to reference IBEX Ed in their marketing materials. This option gives the partner the most autonomy and control.


  • Low barriers of entry
  • Reduced start-up costs
  • Highly scalable
  • Large portfolio when needed
  • Leverage of IBEX Ed brand and accreditations
  •  Unable to use official ATO or affiliate logos
  • No direct link with Examining Institutes
  • Need not be a registered organization


  • Access to the full IBEX Ed courseware portfolio
  • Use of IBEX Ed sponsored trainers and proctors
  • Administration of exams
  • Unable to use official ATO or affiliate logos
  • No direct link with examining institutes
  • Must be a registered organization
  • EI application and fees will apply
  • Scheme provider fees may be applicable


  • Full control over relationship with the EIs
  • Discounts on exam services directly with EIs
  • Full control of trainers and exam proctors
  • Access to the full IBEX ED courseware portfolio
  • Separate costs with the EIs for ATO status
  • Requires own QMS
  • Must be a registered organization
  • Scheme provider fees will be applicable