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Portal Guide

Accessing your web-book

To access your web-book, simply click your web-books from the top menu bar.

You should now see your bookshelf with all your current courseware. Choose the courseware you are studying and enjoy the course.

Please note, that you can use this portal on a smartphone or a tablet if you need your monitor free to watch a virtual course.

The web-book portal interface
  1. Your web-book tab
  2. Your downloads
  3. Your courseware
  4. The courseware controls
    1. Zoom buttons
    2. Autoplay (if required)
    3. Thumbnails
    4. Zoom to full screen

All these features can be used on mobile media devices as well.

Web-book access

Your web-book access will be for 90 calendar days from the issue.

Please ensure that you access your required downloads prior to your web-book expiry, to ensure that you can download and keep a copy of the documents.

Course Materials

Web-book downloads

You can download the we-books for offline use. This is the form of the secured PDF.

Go to the materials tab, and click the download button within the grey box.

Before you can download the material, you will have to agree that it is a one-time download.

When opening the PDF, ensure that you read the readme file with the folder, as this will have the license details and associated password.

Web-book license

IMPORTANT: This is copyrighted material and access is authorized for the sole use of a single candidate to undertake personal training in this subject. Improper use of this document may result in legal action.

For any issues or support, please contact

Additional downloads

Below the course study guide, you can find the additional downloads.

These documents can be downloaded as many times as you would like and where possible will include:

  • Course syllabus
  • Sample exams
  • Guides
  • Glossary

The content of the additional downloads is dependent on the course.


This publication offers high‐quality support for the delivery of accredited training courses.

Examination Institute endorsement does not mean that this material is essential to achieve any qualification, nor does it mean that this is the only suitable material available to support such qualifications. No endorsed material will be used verbatim in setting any examination/assessment and any resource lists produced by the Examination Institute shall include this and other appropriate texts.

Copies of official specifications for all Examination Institute qualifications may be found on the Examination Institute website.

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